NextGen IT Operating Models must deliver radically different Outcomes

Autonomics assumes center stage in the delivery of NextGen Outcomes

Scope of services for defining Next Gen IT Operating Model

  • Transform existing Business Process, Applications and Infrastructure landscape for enhanced user experience and business agility.
  • Baseline the current managed services maturity and IT operating model within an organization
  • Agree the Next Gen Outcomes to be delivered and timelines.
  • Define Business Waste + IT waste & their elimination targets (Business SLA s/ KPIs)
  • Create the Blueprint and Journey Map for the design changes to be made in the Operating Model to achieve the desired Next Gen Outcomes.
  • Create the IT Organization Change Management Plan including Reskilling and Training
  • Implement the Changes as per the Blueprint and Journey Map
  • Measurement and continuous improvement of Business and IT SLAs/ KPIs
  • Agile, Cloud Computing, Dev Ops, Containerization, Mobile Apps, e-t-e automation, new pricing models areĀ  key leversĀ  in the design of this NextGen IT Operating Model.

Nable IT understands the trends in this direction. We can support global organizations in defining the suitable Next Gen IT operating model. This would also include discussions around IT Organization Change Management and the IT Sourcing plans.