Define an Integrated Autonomics strategy for ‘Business & IT Waste’ elimination

  • Only ~ 16 % of global corporations have implemented a formal Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Autonomics and Cognitive platforms strategy. (ISG 2017 Momemtum Report Sep 2017 ) 
  • Most are reliant on their IT service providers for advice, who offer autonomics services in silos e.g. RPA or infrastructure only or applications only. Their primary focus is merely FTE reduction and/or IT estate rationalization (IT waste).
  • The focus of automation must be to improve priority business process cycle times and provide a real-time preemptive alert mechanism before bottlenecks occur. This will reduce ‘Business Waste’
  • Connecting(Integrating) prioritized business processes with the underlying components of applications and infrastructure and automating the
    ‘e-t-e’  stack will deliver real ROI,  increase Business Agility, eliminate waste in IT operations (IT Waste) and business operations (Business Waste).
  • Gains from eliminating Business Waste can be more than 10x of IT Waste elimination.

Nable IT has deep expertise in this subject. We adopt a ‘holistic approach to autonomics by taking a business process ‘down’ view .We can create an e-t-e Automation Blueprint for an enterprise that delivers on the promise of Business + IT waste elimination.

Scope of Nable IT Services in Autonomics

  • Conducting an internal gap analysis within the client’s delivery units (people, process, and tools ) w-r-t autonomics
  • Baselining the outcomes desired (e. g. target 35-40% ASM team rationalization across the delivery organization  with milestones)
  • Benchmark these outcomes with published research data ( e.g ISG productivity reports)
  • Build vs Buy ( COTS ) analysis
  • Blueprint, develop the architecture and build the in-scope automation suite in collaboration with our partners  JAIRA (INC)  USA.
  •  Leverage JAIRA (INC)’s thought leadership, labs, supervision of experts such as Raj Reddy and Jamie Carbonell in the prototyping of the automation suite,  building it and deploying it.
  • Leverage a mixed team of handpicked IT experts from the client’s organization and JAIRA (INC)
  • Training and reskilling of select IT teams of the client in both theoretical and practical applications of Al, machine learning and more specifically of the automation suite developed for the client
  • Program manage the full lifecycle as above

An illustration of Business Waste in the Retail Industry

Significant (-) $ impact to the business

What could be causing this Business Waste from an IT perspective?


  • Define & Implement Critical Business Process Flows
  • Setup ‘Alerts’
  • Inject Automated Critical Flow Monitoring for E-2-E process ‘watch’
  • Automate the entire stack vertically (Business Process – Applications – Infrastructure)
  • Strive for a ‘ Zero’ Incident Culture

IT Waste Elimination Levers

Autonomics | Lean management principles | Knowledge Management | Service Excellence & Innovation

Nable IT will meet/exceed industry expectation from Autonomics

Automation: Productivity Improvements ( ISG Momentum Report Sep 2017 )

Case Studies of Autonomics solutions developed and deployed

Automated bug Fixing

~75 % of ASM tasks are bug fixing. An AI-based system takes inputs of test data, expected results and program Code (in C or Java Language) & automatically tests the program. Where ever results do not match it generates fixes (100s of alternative fixes). It then tests and ranks the fixes on predetermined parameters of security, maintainability, performance vulnerability, ‘auditability’.
Reduction in headcount by 40-45% in large ASM teams.

Automated Knowledge Data Base creation for Applications.

This AI-based system monitors the ASM work done by FTEs and creates a readily referenceable, machine readable and machine executable database which can then automatically apply the same steps to repetitive jobs.

Fax based processing.

An A.I. based tool using Natural Language Processing and computer vision for BPO/KPO areas. Solutions were developed for trade finance, medical prescriptions based ordering and contract terms management transactions.

Cognitive capability in Infrastructure support

An IBM WATSON based chatbot was enhanced for natural language communication, creating solutions by observations of repeat tickets and consolidating information available on the worldwide web and product support sites.

Resource management and allocation for Product engineering teams.

Product engineering teams are multi-dimensional i.e. mechanical, electronics, firmware, software etc. Team sizes are small and simultaneously work on multiple noncompeting products. The AI-based system manages team allocations dynamically on multiple noncompeting products and optimizes using right time, skills and proficiency of employees

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