Facial Recognition

Nable IT Consultancy flagship Artificial Intelligence (AI) based facial recognition product has been developed in partnership with one of our key customer and expertise from IIT Delhi.

The product uses edge computing architecture that is considerably more cost effective and faster than cloud-based API’s to be called for each scan. Recorded performance is reported to be 15 to 20 times faster than competing cloud-based models.

The model can reside on any edge device and can also be installed on a cloud of customer’s choice. The construction of model minimizes the operating cost to the client. About 1,000 facial scans can be recognized at each service point without special training assuming broad face structures of such will be unique and will not contain any twins etc. With training, the number of scans are unlimited.

The product runs on any cloud or windows and Unix based server. It can also fetch and scan faces using android /IOS devices viz. smart phones and tablets.

The software can be trained with minimum of 1 megapixel of images of a person in the recognition list. Facial signature is less than 1 KB. It can integrate with existing applications of clients to replace any other IDs such as smart cards for membership or other cards/numbers currently being used and therefore does not require any other inputs. Face detection is possible from a distance as well.

For a live demonstration and inquiries, please contact us.