Warehouse Management Platform

Machine learning can make a path-breaking difference in warehouse management. Software solutions that are powered with machine learning can make it easier for manufacturers to stay ahead and win the race.  Our platform enables optimizing the warehouse inventory of raw materials and finished goods in order to reduce working capital and warehouse investment, while maintaining service levels to maximize your business objectives. If you want to make the right pricing and warehouse decisions, then an AI-powered analytical solution is your best investment.

Our AI models can better predict optimum level of warehouse inventory by using hundreds of variables. By training our models, utilizing past data and creating neural network patterns using deep learning algorithms, a superior forecast for parts and quantities along with replenishment cycles are computed. This enables increase in sales and reduction in stock-out events that directly correlates to improvement in profitability. Customer satisfaction increases due to reduction in delivery time as most of the stock ordered now gets serviced through local warehouse.

Advantages of NableIT’s AI/ML based Warehouse Management Platform:

  • Allows global visibility across all warehouses
  • Accurate forecasting
  • Optimizes warehouse inventory i.e. minimizes both stock-out and over-stock events, improves service levels and maximizes on time delivery
  • Improves serviceability levels
  • Reduces planning cycle
  • Reduces operational costs and improves operations
  • Administrative dashboard for insight generation and planning
  • Exportable data visualization facilitation provided
  • Tests what-if scenarios in a business analytics dashboard
  • Allows timely decision making
  • Can be deployed on-premises or hosted on the cloud

Platform can further be expanded with the following additional functionalities:

  • Identify ideal location of new warehouse/s amongst alternate locations
  • To additionally optimize demand and supply inventories of all associated distributors

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