Job Title

Software Engineer – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Work Location

Product Engineering Center, Unit No. 8, TBIU, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016.

Job Description

Nable IT Product Engineering Center  is focused on Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence used in the areas of Predictive analytics, Visual Computing, Speech and Text processing, Robotics using Edge Computing as well as the server/cloud platforms. We are focusing our solutions in areas of QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) and Oil & Gas Companies. We have two use cases (Predictive Analytics and Facial Recognition) which have already been prototyped and need to fully develop as complete platform SAAS offering. We will continue to build more and more use cases using AI/ML technologies and are looking at students who would like to work with us for internships as well as employment post completion of their degrees.

We are seeking students/professionals with the following skills :

1. Computer Science and/or Engineering with basic skills in computer architecture, Design, Firmware , OS/Kernal, Device Drivers etc on Unix, Microsoft, IOS, Android platforms.

2. AI/ML skills in various core algorithms and modelling

3. Tools and Platforms – Python, C/C++, Tensorflow, Scikit, Keras, Visual Studio and others

4. Cloud Platforms – AWS, Azure, IBM, Google and Intel based.


B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, M.S.(R) in Computer Science & Engineering, B.Tech and M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, M.S.(R) in Information Technology, M.Tech in Computer Technology, M.Tech in Telecommunication Technology & Management.

No of Open Positions

Internship – 3
Full Time – 2


Can be discussed based on experience. Stock options are also available to deserving candidates.


Please send resumes to: