Object Recognition System

Machine learning is already being employed across multiple industries to automate the processes that are slowed down by manual, repetitive steps. Using computer vision, NableIT’s Object Recognition System can be created to detect various objects such as automobiles (their make, model parts etc.), various food items, fabrics etc.

Our system can detect these objects-not just live but also from digital images such as photos or video frames, paving the way for multiple applications in various industries. With advanced algorithms, techniques, and frameworks to our credit, our AI tools will meet and exceed your requirements and expectations.

The Object Recognition System is a set of ML algorithms with an API that utilizes computer vision. Based on deep learning, the algorithms automatically detect an object. Parallel machine learning and analytical pipelines speed the analysis process significantly.

Advantages of NableIT’s AI/ML based Object Recognition System:

  • Assists humans.
  • Accurate object detection, classification and localization
  • Productivity improvement
  • Can be retrained, based on the customer’s data set and delivered on-premises or as SaaS

The following problems can also be solved with the same framework:

  • Detection of paint mismatch and surface damage of a vehicle.
  • Detection of missing welds in delta parts.
  • Customizable anomaly detection applications in trim, chassis or final assembly operation of automobiles.
  • Detection of various food items.
  • Detection of various types of fabrics.

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