Facial Recognition Surveillance System

NableIT has developed its Flagship Artificial Intelligence (AI) based facial recognition surveillance system. Its world-class algorithm based on deep neural networks ensures efficiency and accuracy for face detection, tracking, and recognition. Facial Recognition Surveillance System (FRSS) can process videos in both live or replay to identify people in a non-intrusive way, without any operator intervention.

Advantages of NableIT’s Facial Recognition Surveillance System:

  • Capability to recognize all faces within the same frame
  • Registrations of suspects by using individual photos, group photos or videos
  • Extraction and enrollment of faces using surveillance videos for future recognition
  • Multiple pictures can be enrolled of the same person in different make-ups and over different time periods
  • Video and live recognition
  • Support for multiple cameras; all can be viewed in multiple control rooms
  • Confidence level can be adjusted to call out similar matches meeting the threshold
  • Alerts for unauthorized personnel, persons-of-interest etc. to nearest designated person based on location of the suspect
  • Creates video logs related to the video footage with timestamp
  • Dummy names or ids can be allocated if the real identity of the suspect is not known

Generic Features:

  • Uses edge computing architecture and can reside on any edge device
  • System is scalable to any number of cameras connected in edge devices and server configurations
  • Application can be installed on a cloud of customer’s choice
  • Cost effective and 15 to 20 times faster than cloud-based models
  • Customizable as per individual organization’s requirements
  • Several MIS reports available for use of different departments of the organization
  • Data Protection as system does not store any biometric information for recognition and authentication
  • System extracts a feature vector which cannot be engineered back to the original face thereby respecting data privacy

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