Predictive Analytics for Oil And Gas

Nable IT Consultancy is a pioneer in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) based computer models. We have partnership arrangements with Jaira Inc., of Carnegie Mellon University, PA, USA and Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, India. The company is well positioned to introduce the power of AI/ML to global Oil and Gas (O&G) clients for improving productivity and performance of their business units.

On the exploration side, uncertainty is a fundamental characteristic of any subsurface domain. Conventional exploration experts deploy commercially available statistical software products that utilizes various techniques viz. Monte Carlo simulation and others to portray the technical interpretation of this uncertainty. Also, to add even more complexity to the equation, drilled wells do not have a binomial distribution of dry versus producing holes, having amount and life of hydrocarbons produced being a large variable.

Nable IT can supplement our client’s computer simulation efforts by providing information and implementation of latest available AI/ML technology. The company collaborates with clients to address the challenge of imperfect models and noisy/biased data currently being used in conventional modelling. Our expertise in working with big data and AI/ML tools helps build predictive analytical models that can significantly improve the quality of output pinpointing location and depths of wells to be drilled to improve profitability.

Separately, during well hydraulic fracturing, changing variables viz. development spacing, fluids, additives and proppant intensities can significantly affect the life and production rates of hydrocarbons. Nable IT can develop customized AL/ML models that can help evaluate these impacts that results in having better decisions on optimization of these variables on case by case basis.

Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) with accurate preventative maintenance schedule reduces downtime and increases utilization efficiency of vehicle fleet, machines and tools that gets deployed at the production/drilling site. Nable IT can custom develop AI/ML models for various clients based on available data to improve operation efficiency.

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