Recommending Market Mix Spends for Maximizing Sales For CPG Companies

Machine learning models are extraordinary tools to integrate into any marketer’s toolkit. They allow you to make accurate predictions using structured and unstructured data. NableIT’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) based models enables a company’s marketing department to analyze huge amounts of marketing data, boosting marketer’s capabilities and making return on investment (ROI) faster.

We deploy AI based predictive analytical models, customized to address individual requirements of corporates and recommend market mix spends. Our models can better predict optimum strategies by using hundreds of variables, utilizing past data and creating neural network patterns using deep learning algorithms.


Advantages of NableIT’s AI/ML models for recommending market mix spends:

  • Optimizing marketing budget spend for maximizing sales.
  • Increasing effectiveness of each marketing channels in terms of Marketing Return on Investment (MROI)
  • Run-what-if scenarios, powerful and real-time simulation provided
  • Superior understanding of the relationships between marketing channels and target metric (i.e. conversions)
  • Predict future conversions based on given inputs
  • Maximize the expected profit by finding the subset of customers that are likely to respond in the most profitable way
  • Leverage insights and use omni-channel strategy to communicate with customers
  • Test and build models quickly and efficiently, and refresh them as new data becomes available

Models can further be expanded with the following additional functionalities:

  • Recommendation engines based on customer’s activities and propensity
  • Analysis of impact on businesses during adverse times and making recommendations to minimize its consequences on the company’s performance.


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