Facial Expression Recognition System

NableIT’s AI/ML based facial expression recognition platform captures unfiltered emotional responses towards any type of emotionally engaging content. Emotions impact our daily routines, our social interactions, our perception and attention and one of the strongest indicators for emotions is our face. When we laugh or cry, smile or are sad, surprised or angry, we put our emotions on display, which enables our facial expression recognition platform to “read” our face based on changes in key face features such as eyes, brows, lids, nostrils, and lips.

Advantages of NableIT’s AI/ML based Face Expression Recognition System:

  • Captures unfiltered emotional responses towards any type of emotionally engaging content
  • Resides on any edge device, a server or a private cloud
  • SaaS based model can successfully identify one or more people in a group and provide an expression recognition result
  • Fetches and scans faces and analyses expressions using android /IOS devices
  • Input from multiple cameras supported including USB and WIFI Cameras
  • Face and expression detection is possible from a distance
  • The technology has a capability to recognize with 180° sideways or up and down movements of the face
  • Expressions are analyzed and used for appropriate responsive action
  • Can be combined with identity applications for various uses

The platform can be used in a large number of diverse industries ranging from neuroscience, biosensor engineering, medical applications and plastic surgery to commercial applications such as, media testing and advertisements, consumer neuroscience and marketing, website design and software UI.

Facial expression analysis can do a lot for enhancing marketing strategy of organizations. Monitoring facial expressions of people can provide insights into the emotional satisfaction of the desired target groups. Based on facial expression analysis, products can be optimized, market segments can be assessed, and target audiences and personas can be identified.

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