AI Based Computer Vision Products

NableIT has developed several Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Computer Vision products. Their world-class algorithms based on deep neural networks ensure efficiency and accuracy for detection, tracking, and recognition.

Salient Features:

  • Uses edge computing architecture and can reside on any edge device
  • System is scalable to any number of cameras connected in edge devices and server configurations.
  • Application can be installed on a cloud of customer’s choice.
  • Cost effective and 15 to 20 times faster than cloud-based models
  • Customizable as per individual organization’s requirements
  • Several MIS reports available for use of different departments of the organization
  • About 1,000 facial scans can be recognized at each service point without special training assuming that broad face structures of such will be unique and will not contain any twins etc. With training, the number of scans can be unlimited
  • Data Protection as system does not store any biometric information for recognition and authentication
  • System extracts a feature vector which cannot be engineered back to the original face thereby respecting data privacy

Available models:

  • Facial Recognition Attendance System for
    • Corporates
    • Industrial Organizations
    • Educational Institutions
  • Facial Recognition Surveillance System
  • Facial Expression Recognition System
  • Object Detection System

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