Supplier Review and Selection

Nable IT uses 12 key tenets to help Review Performance of Outsourcing Suppliers and their Selection Process.

Scope of Services
  • Prepare a Baseline Business case & Technical case
  • List appropriate service providers to be invited to the sourcing process.
  • List Outcomes as per pre-defined Sourcing Objectives.
  • Outcomes are monitored & measured at every milestone.
  • Manage MSA/SOW stage (before transition) = 2-4 months depending upon the scope
  • Uses Industry Best Practices
Twelve Tenets for Supplier Evaluation

1. Technical Solution (Includes Automation)
2. Value Add
3. Terms and Conditions
4. Capability to Deliver
5. Continuous Improvement
6. Pricing
7. Engagement Team
8. Transition/ Migration
9. Transformation
10. Delivery Model
11. Cultural Fit
12. Risk